Equity for Equity

Equity for Equity Creating a future where innovators can manifest meaningful change in the fields of healthcare, life sciences, and technology regardless of gender, race, sexuality, disability, or background.

Equity for Equity is a Prysm Institute initiative that increases the flow of private equity and investment to start-ups owned and operated by entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds including: female, Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latinx-American, LGBTQ+, military Veteran, and dis/differently-abled.

Equity for Equity connects participating business owners of diverse backgrounds with the financial resources needed to grow and strategically scale their operation. 


The statistics below illustrate the challenges ahead, yet they merely scratch the surface of the greater inequalities present within the technology and healthcare sectors, necessitating a strong influx of resources for minority entrepreneurs.


Only 20% of start-ups are led by women.


58% of start-ups have no women in executive positions.


In 2019, women-led companies received 2.8% of total capital invested in start-ups.


African-American founders receive about 1% of VC funding.


Latinx-American founders receive only 1.8% of VC funding.


Black women have raised only 0.0006% of all tech venture funding since 2009.

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Planned projects

Annual Award

Annual award for the person in the financial capital space who is doing the most to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Annual Survey

Annual survey looking at the ability/inability of female entrepreneurs to secure venture capital.

Investor matching service

Matching service to connect entrepreneurs in need of funding with angel investors based on industry, interests, and involvement.

Mentorship program

Mentorship program for successful women in the healthcare, life sciences, and technology space to advise women in the early stages of entrepreneurship.


Webinars on challenges faced and opportunities available for women and minority entrepreneurs in securing financial capital.


Workshops showcasing the work of women and minority entrepreneurs, especially those in need of funding.