Chicagoland Healthcare Innovation Podcast (CHIP) A monthly podcast bringing attention to healthcare, life science, and technology markets that have yet to reach their full potential.

There is a demonstrated gap in Chicago’s capability to house a robust field of healthcare and life science start-ups. Right now, our city is “punching below its weight.” However, our region is primed for rapid growth in these sectors.

CHIP offers a platform to those working in healthcare and life sciences and acts as a catalyst to bring others into the fold. We plan to meaningfully grow the bonds between individuals and companies in these spaces and offer current Chicago companies the opportunity to network and learn from one another’s experiences.

CHIP will interview current Chicago healthcare start-up leaders and venture capital firms interested in investing in the life sciences, in addition to local people and organizations impacting these spaces nationally and globally.

By exploring the rich history and culture of our city’s assets, we will create an environment to grow our city into a Tier 1 hub for healthcare innovation. We will bring attention to individuals and companies working in the areas of telehealth, digital health, digital therapeutics, connected mobile medical devices, and software as a medical device, among others.

Raising awareness of the incredible history, breadth, and depth of Chicagoland’s assets in healthcare and life sciences and discussing avenues for growth in our city will inspire potential investors and start-ups to make Chicago their home.