The Huddle

The Huddle An innovative and intense 75-minute workshop for entrepreneurs to gain valuable feedback from preeminent entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and other leaders.

For exactly 75 minutes, the participants “huddle” together to address challenges and opportunities, along with benefits and costs, related to a very focused, predetermined problem statement chosen by the company being mentored.

The problem statement can include a diverse variety of key themes and topics so long as it covers a precise, core business issue. This session also sets the foundation for enduring relationships between participants. Key sectors of focus are healthcare, life science, and technology. The goal is to help the entrepreneurs and the start-ups that are so vital to our global economy.



One executive from the start-up company 


One accomplished business leader


Three distinguished mentors


One week before

Company leaders will distribute three items:

  • 1 page problem statement
  • 5 minute video summary of the problem
  • PowerPoint overview of the company

one week after

Company leaders will distribute two items:

  • 1 page summary of knowledge and wisdom gained
  • 5 minute video synopsis of next steps to take

Six months and one year after

Entrepreneur provides facilitators and mentors with two updates on progress



5 minutes

Present the issue

10 minutes

Q & A Session

45 minutes

Final Suggestions

5 minutes

Summarize Takeaways

5 minutes